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6 Uses of Gaffer's Tape: Heavy Duty Applications

Mike Johnson· May 27, 2021

Gaffer's tape is common for heavy-duty applications thanks to its incredible durability and temperature resistance. If you work in theatre, film, photography or broadcasting, you may already be familiar with the benefits of camera tape. Gaffer’s tape is incredibly versatile, and it may have even more uses than you realize. 


What Makes Gaffer’s Tape Different From Duct Tape? 


While gaffer's tape and duct tape have many similarities, they also have a few differences. Unlike duct tape, which is composed of polyethylene-coated cloth, gaffer's tape is made of vinyl-coated cloth. Gaffer's tape has a special finish that makes it less reflective than average duct tape, and it's less likely to melt under extreme temperatures.


One of the greatest benefits of gaffer's tape is that it's designed to not leave a residue on the surface after removal. This makes it ideal when you need a temporary repair or adhesive. Duct tape is better for permanent or long-lasting repairs due to its strength and likelihood to leave a residue behind. 


Top 6 Uses of Gaffer’s Tape 


Because it's so easy to tear, remove and attach to any rough surface, residue-free gaffer’s tape has a wide variety of practical applications.


  1. Bundling, Fastening and Concealing Cables 

Certain projects may require you to bundle up or hold down electrical cables. This keeps your electronics more organized and helps you maintain workplace safety. Gaffer's tape is the ideal adhesive for cables thanks to its superior heat resistance. It will hold fast to cords without leaving a mess to clean up after the job is finished. 


  1. Securing Backdrops 

If you need an adhesive that can secure a backdrop to a stage, the best option is a tape that's easy to use. Gaffer's tape is designed to attach to fabric without any hassle. You can trust gaffer's tape to leave your backdrop in stellar condition after you tear it off. The cloth will be residue-free when you finish the latest rehearsal or production.


  1. Temporary Repairs to Equipment and Props 

Because it attaches and peels off with ease, camera tape is well-suited for making temporary repairs. If a prop breaks, this tape is strong enough to hold it together until you can find a more permanent solution. It will also leave the surface of the prop undamaged after removal.


  1. Marks for Actors 

You can use gaffer's tape as a mark for actors and other crew members by sticking it on almost any surface. Gaffer's tape is strong enough to stay on surfaces in tougher conditions as well. Because the material is non-reflective, it's useful for sets and stages that require heavy lighting.


  1. Labeling Production Gear 

Residue-free tape is a great choice if you're looking for a gear-labeling adhesive. Gaffer's tape sticks securely to production gear, helping you stay organized. You can place this tape on gear fabric and then tear it off at any time without a mess. This eliminates the risk of damaging gear during production.


  1. Covering Reflective Surfaces 

Production lights can reflect off surfaces, distracting crew members and actors while hindering visibility. Gaffer's tape can cover these surfaces and reduce distractions caused by nearby lights. Gaffer's tape is manufactured with a matte finish, which removes any reflective properties.


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