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Tape Talk: 7 Surprising Ways Tape is Used in Your Car

Joe Cull· April 23, 2021

Automotive manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways to speed up production without sacrificing quality. Where traditional hardware like clips, bolts and screws can loosen or rust out over time, tape holds strong, so adhesive tapes are becoming an integral part of the vehicle assembly process thanks to their exceptional strength and durability.


Tapes also promote fuel efficiency and minimize cabin noise, so odds are good that there is plenty of adhesive tape present in your current vehicle. Review the details below to see where you can find automotive adhesive tapes on modern releases:



1) Interior Mounting Tape


Car interior tape is frequently used to hold dashboard pieces, seats, carpeting and other elements in place. Select products can accompany metal hardware to prevent lightweight materials from separating when exposed to changing temperatures, UV rays and environmental elements. If a trunk liner is locked in place, there is a good chance interior mounting tape is at work.


2) Windows and Glass


Air moves across the exterior of your vehicle with varying pressures when you travel at highway speeds. Automotive adhesive tapes are responsible for sealing off window glass so that installations are weatherproof. Placing automotive tapes around the perimeter of windshields helps to keep the cabin quiet while providing protection from moisture.

3) Mirror Assembling

Manufacturers use tapes for cars when building and attaching exterior mirrors. These products are effective in closing off gaps where water could interfere with electronics. Everything from mounting base plates, housings and mirror glass may be fastened permanently using the right double-sided tape.



4) Exterior Mounting


Body panels, door trims, automaker emblems, roof rails and more are exposed to extreme conditions. High-strength automotive adhesive tapes make it possible to bond two substrates even if the surface textures are different. Select products by tesa respond to thermal expansion for fastening plastics and other materials along the vehicle's contours.


5) Security Labeling


Vehicles have labels near fuel tanks, doors and the engine compartment for security and safety purposes. Automotive tapes may be treated with laser marking technology to help mechanics and authorities collect data about a vehicle even if the tapes are removed. From plastic parts and metal surfaces to window glass, security system labeling deters thieves from breaking in or tampering with your investment.


6) Noise Reduction


A primary purpose of automotive adhesive tapes is to absorb sudden shocks that interfere with cabin comfort. It's common to find interior car tape on the opposite side of cup holders to reduce rattling and around door frames to limit the sound of slamming. A fair amount of adhesive tape also sits below exterior luggage racks and hatchback trunk components to prevent squeaking.


7) Wire Harnessing


Some tapes for cars include film backings and woven materials suitable for wiring. Connections running behind the dashboard are typically coated in adhesive tapes to protect against environmental elements and corrosion. This process helps to keep bundles of wires together for neatness and proper labeling.


Why Do Automakers Rely on Tapes for Cars?


Consumers might think that modern vehicles are "held together with tape," but that's not the whole story. Adhesive tapes are a major part of the assembly process, but it is for a valid reason. The cost-friendly solutions boost rigidity while making vehicles lighter and more fuel-efficient.


Below are some common reasons why automakers use automotive tapes:


  • Manufacturers can bond substrates without sacrificing the structural integrity of the material.
  • Sheets of tape are invisible and will not corrode.
  • Tapes provide cleaner results than adhesive glues.
  • Assemblers can build vehicles faster (no curing timelines).
  • Tapes for cars reduce the need for welding.

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