Adhesive Sleeves: The Solution for Wire Harnessing in the Automotive Industry

Mike Johnson· January 7, 2021

In the automotive industry, harness coverings have a big job. They’ve got to securely protect and bundle harnesses while enduring harsh conditions and extreme weather.


A pretty tall order, wouldn’t you say?


In the engine compartment, those coverings also have to be highly resistant to abrasion and temperatures. In car interiors, they need to help reduce noise.


Many car makers use convoluted tubing for protecting wire harnesses, but what if there was another option?


There is. An adhesive sleeve. Let’s look at the differences in convoluted tubing and adhesive sleeve solutions:


Convoluted Tubing

Adhesive sleeve solutions

-       Bulky

-       Thin

-       Heavy / Contributes to heavier              vehicles

-       Lightweight / Contributes to                  lighter vehicles

-       Rigid / No noise damping                      properties

-       Provides flexibility, noise                        damping and abrasion resistance

-       Contributes to greater fuel                    consumption

-       Contributes to better fuel                      economy

-       Contributes to more extensive              environmental impact

-       Contributes to lower                              environmental impact


Adhesive wire harnessing sleeve solutions offer greater simplicity, flexibility, and functionality. Compared to bulky, complicated convoluted tubing, our innovative solutions provide a number of advantages in critical performance and process.


First off, convoluted tubing is bulky! It takes up too much space, and it’s heavier.


Anything that’s bigger and heavier is going to be more expensive to ship, and convoluted tubing is no different. It also takes up a lot more room in the warehouse!


And the challenges aren’t solved once it’s installed in a vehicle. In fact, they just keep getting bigger and bigger. Because the tubing adds considerable weight to the car, it consumes more fuel and contributes even more air pollution to the environment. Need we say more?


Wire Harnessing Adhesive

Let’s talk about the alternative: a wire harnessing sleeve.


Wire harnessing sleeves fit through tighter turns and smaller spaces, making it quick and easy to apply to the harness. Customized perforations are an added benefit – no need for special cutting tools. From engine compartments to passenger compartments, our assortment of sleeve solutions provides the right combination of heat resistance, noise damping and abrasion protection for any application on the wiring harness.


And… thanks to the lighter weight of tape, it can provide up to a 13% component weight savings compared to convoluted tubing! That means better fuel economy and a more environmentally friendly vehicle.


Looking for solutions for your wire harnessing assembly? Look no further! Reach out to our tape experts to find just the right solution for your needs