New Adhesives Designed: Defect-Free Touchscreen Lamination

Joe Cull· January 11, 2021

Touchscreens — one of the most common of modern technological inventions — are everywhere!


Think with us for a minute. What touchscreen have you used the most in the last 12 hours? A smart phone, tablet, point-of-sale (POS) system, credit card terminal?


This list of devices could go on and on…


While touchscreens are all around us, we’re wondering out loud how many people have stopped to think about what makes those devices perform so well that they’ve become routine in our everyday lives.


Keys to Defect-Free Touchscreen Lamination


One key is the adhesive lamination process. This process must be near flawless in order for displays and touchscreens to perform consistently day in and day out with different users in different settings.


Here are just a few of the demands on touchscreens built for optimal performance:


-  Optical Clarity – The high transmittance of light through the optically clear adhesive (OCA) used in display lamination ensures high contrast and optical brilliance, allowing users can to see easily read what is displayed and what options they have to choose from.

-  Environmental resistance – Consistent performance over device lifetime in a wide range of environmental conditions including heavy sunlight (UV exposure), varied temperatures, and extreme humidity is required in order to ensure robustness of the optical bond.

-  Robustness– Display layers must remain securely bonded together by the OCA, resisting mechanical effects of pressure, vibration, and impact, without bubble formation or delamination occurring over time, otherwise display clarity and functionality will be reduced.


We’re asking quite a lot of them, wouldn’t you say?


Superior Optics and Long-Lasting Durability with tesa


But tesa has risen to the challenge. To meet the high demands of the industry, we developed the tesa® 696XX OCA series.


This OCA series is produced under controlled clean-room conditions, allowing for true optical clarity!


With proven performance in the world of consumer electronics, our OCA tapes offer a range of benefits for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers.


Check out these advantages of the tesa® 696XX OCA series:


-  Superb gap filling performance
-  Excellent suppression of delay bubbles even in harsh environments
-  Very high bonding strength
-  High transmittance and low haze
-  Excellent temperature, humidity and UV resistance
-  Acid-free product


If you’re looking for solutions for optically clear adhesive lamination, reach out to your local tesa rep.