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Aluminum Foil Tape: Its Many Industrial Uses

Mike Johnson· May 27, 2021

Aluminum foil tape is one of the most versatile adhesives, making it a popular choice in the industrial world. If you're not sure what type of tape to use for your next application, we recommend taking a closer look at foil tape for its insulation and elemental resistance properties. Aluminum foil tape has incredible benefits and can come in handy for all types of applications.


What Makes Aluminum Foil Tape Unique? 


Aluminum and polyacrylic adhesive are often combined to create foil tape, which is well-known for its durability and temperature resistance. This tape is unique because it's designed for both longevity and clean, simple removal. 


If you're looking for an adhesive that can serve as a quick alternative for mastic, foil tape may do the trick. While mastic offers greater strength than aluminum foil tape, it's also much messier and requires greater preparation to use safely. Foil tape is a hassle-free solution that fits a wide range of tougher applications, including heat resistance and insulation.


Top 7 Industrial Uses of Foil Tape 


Foil tape has efficacy in multiple industries and applications. The common uses for this type of adhesive include:


  • HVAC system sealing: In many cases, you can use aluminum foil tape to seal the ducts in an HVAC system. This can serve as a quick repair if you have an emergency and need a secure seal until a more permanent solution becomes available.

  • Refrigeration: Because of its ability to operate in extremely cold temperatures, foil tape is well-suited for refrigeration applications. aluminum foil tape can even handle sub-zero conditions, which makes it perfect if you need a coating for your refrigerator or freezer coils.

  • Aerospace: Aerospace is a high-demand industry that requires powerful adhesives for its applications. Foil tape is durable enough to withstand heat, cold, chemical exposure, fluids and more. As a result, it's commonly used by manufacturers in the aerospace industry to protect electrical systems and secure items in storage.

  • Electrical: If you need an adhesive that can coat or seal electrical cables without risking fire damage, foil tape can help. This tape protects your electrical components, reducing the likelihood of an accident.

  • Construction: This strong adhesive is useful for facilitating quick repairs in the construction industry. For example, foil tape can often help workers fix roofs and gutters thanks to its strength and resistance to the outdoor elements. It is also used to reinforce fiberglass and insulate building materials.

  • Heat shielding: While high temperatures can melt certain types of adhesives, foil tape is effective at temperatures as high as 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it a smart option for heat shielding applications within high-demand industries.

  • Packing: Aluminum foil tape offers the ultimate protection for packaged materials, guarding against harmful elements that could damage items. It even helps prevent pests from invading the package.

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The possibilities are nearly endless when you work with aluminum foil tape. For more information about how foil tape can benefit your applications, schedule a consultation with tesa today!


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