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Appliances can’t fall apart. End of story.

Claudia Ramirez· September 30, 2020

Let’s restate that more factually: Appliances can fall apart, but they shouldn’t. Now, what keeps appliances from falling apart – constructive bonding – is a whole other story. If you’ve read this post, you already know about a very special tape, tesa® ACXplus. Here’s a short review:


tesa® ACXplus is an acrylic core tape with permanent bonding capabilities. It can be used for both interior and exterior bonding and mounting applications. But what it really does best is constructive bonding.


That bumper rail in the refrigerated foods section at the supermarket – the one that takes a constant beating from shopping carts?

Don’t worry, it’s practically nailed on with ACXplus. The oven window that has to stay cool on the outside while it’s 400° F inside, burning up that pot roast you left in there? No sweat. ACXplus has it handled with a bond so strong, it will stand up to years of use.


What makes tesa® ACXplus so suitable for appliance applications? Simple. We reinforced it with special powers.

We made tesa® ACXplus so powerful, it can stand up to the environmental and mechanical stressors unique to appliance applications, with a high-strength bond that lasts for decades.


See, each version of ACXplus acrylic foam tape is reinforced with excellent shear resistance, stress dissipation and resistance to extreme temperatures. And, ACXplus comes in a variety of thicknesses and are virtually invisible in the finished application. It can even securely and permanently bond materials with a low surface energy like powder coatings or plastic materials. Yes, we thought of everything.


All of these qualities rolled up together in one tape? You bet. And, as they say in the infomercials – that’s not all!


Let’s explore the specific appliance applications tesa® ACXplus is perfect for:  


Mounting Bumper Rails

Because commercial refrigeration appliances are susceptible to frequent impacts at different angles, it is important to attach a protective bumper rail with a flexible material that can take a beating... literally. 



Sealing Oven Doors

Ovens (and specifically oven doors) are very hot on the inside but must remain cool on the outside. This is no easy feat. It requires a tough, thick tape that can separate the inner and outer glass of the oven door and bond the glass to the metal frame at the same time. We have just the tape for the job.


Constructive Bonding of Oven Doors

You can mount metal sub-constructions to oven doors with liquid glues or other conventional fastening methods. It’s done all the time, but there’s a more efficient way. Use a double-sided, acrylic core tape like tesa® ACXplus. You’ll see big improvements in production efficiency and an increase in overall efficiency of the application. 



Deco Glass Mounting

Decorative glass panels on the door surface of a fridge? It’s very popular in some markets, and from a design perspective, these full-sized glass panels can’t have any visible mechanical fixtures. This makes deco glass mounting one of the most advanced applications for pressure-sensitive adhesives within the appliance industry. And – you guessed it – tesa® ACXplus has the holding power it takes for this demanding job.



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