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Increasing Efficiency in Flexographic Printing: tesa® Twinlock

tesa tape· September 17, 2021

Until now, the traditional setup of sleeve/cylinder + tape + plate has been about as efficient as it gets for print runs with a lot of changing graphics and printing sizes. 


But wouldn’t it be nice to have a more efficient process for print runs that can save you time AND money?


Introducing tesa® Twinlock

tesa® Twinlock is a new innovative solution for flexographic printing. In line with our core value of blending in-market expertise with our passion for solutions, we’re proud of this innovative response to a unique need in the printing industry. 

In short, tesa® Twinlock is a plate-mounting sleeve that is:

  • Self-adhesive. 
  • Compressible. 
  • Reusable. 


With this one-of-a-kind solution, operators only need to mount the plate. No changing out stickyback tapes on every run. No cylinders + tape + plates. 


Instead, with tesa® Twinlock, the setup is simple. And it saves valuable time and money. Even during long press runs at high speeds, your operators will find repeat runs are smoother and faster. 


Mini-Case Studies with tesa® Twinlock


Sometimes it’s easier to grasp a new idea when you have a concrete example of it. Here are a couple of mini-case studies to help you assess our reusable solution's efficiency.


Wide Web Presses with Average Repeats and Plate Widths


Challenge: With average repeats and plate widths on wide-web presses, an operator needs about 15 minutes per color for tape mounting and 15 minutes per color for plates. In total, this process adds up to about two hours for each job.


Solution: With tesa® Twinlock, the operators need a total of zero minutes for tape mounting! 


Results: The simple switch resulted in approximately 33% time saved. That can be significant when you’re limited on sleeves or cylinders in a particular repeat job and the press is waiting for a remount.



Here’s another excellent example of the efficiency tesa® Twinlock provides to printers:


Corrugated Pre-Print Case Study


Challenge: For large repeats for corrugated pre-print, mounting the tape can take one and a half hours per color. Add in 15 minutes for the plate mounting per color, and in total, all the preparation ends up taking about seven hours for a 4-color print job.


Solution: tesa® Twinlock completely erases the need to mount, demount and remount the tape.


Results: The total time saved is nearly six hours – a savings of about 80%.



When using tesa Twinlock, not only do you save time in the mounting department, you also see efficiencies with reduced downtime as well.”


Bottom line. Regardless of actual minutes or hours, tesa® Twinlock eliminates the need to mount tape to a sleeve or cylinder. And that saves time every time. 


Interested in finding out more about how the tesa® Twinlock reusable sleeve can improve your printing efficiency? Reach out.