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Is tesa® 4338 Green the Right Masking Tape for Boat Manufacturers?

Claudia Ramirez· January 20, 2021

Spoiler Alert! Yes, it is.

There are no minor details in boatbuilding. Whether you’re building sailboats or engine-powered yachts, the process is complex and extensive. Every single aspect, from symmetrical starboard sides to crisp, clean cove and boot stripes is extremely important. Because boats are expensive, and the people who buy them want absolute perfection.

Even a detail as minor as the masking tape you use for painting stripes and trim is a big deal, because the paint has to be flawless.

But those tapes your workers struggle with just to unwind, the ones that stick to their fingers and tear easily? The ones that sometimes won’t even stick to the surface they’re made to stick to, or buckle during the drying cycle?

Toss those tapes. They cause aggravation and fatigue.

Standard-grade masking tapes can also leave stripes and jagged paint edges that have to be corrected and retouched. Then you’ve got to carefully scrub off all the sticky residue the tape leaves behind. All of this adds unnecessary time to the production process and can be incredibly frustrating for workers, not to mention the customer waiting for delivery.

tesa® 4338 Green is a multi-tasking masking tape that’s incredibly easy to work with, takes the place of multiple different tapes, simplifies your painting process and makes life easier for operators.

Now, that’s a lot to promise, but stick with us for a minute (pun, intended).

First of all, tesa® 4338 Green unwinds easily, sticks fast where it’s supposed to (i.e., doesn’t stick to fingers), and repositions easily if needed. Plus, its highly-visible green color makes it easy for workers to see at all times, from prep to painting, to drying and demasking.

Secondly, tesa® 4338 Green produces clean paint lines with no bleed through. This alone makes it worth its weight in gold. And when it comes off, there’s zero residue left behind.

And the icing on the cake is that you don’t have to stock and keep track of a whole line of different tapes. tesa® 4338 Green can be used for all kinds of paint-related tasks. It’s great for fine lines, high-temperature processes, and stands up to multiple coats and drying cycles. One tape, many uses.

Here’s the whole list of reasons boat builders are going to love tesa® 4338 Green:


1. High visibility

tesa® 4338 Green is a shade of green that makes it easy to see, so there’s no confusion about what areas have already been masked and where the tape’s edges are.


2. Conformability

tesa® 4338 Green has excellent elongation properties so it doesn’t tear when taping around curves. Ain’t nobody got time for that kind of frustration!


3. Finger friendliness

tesa® 4338 Green is sticky in all the right ways… sticks on surfaces but not your fingers!


4. Adhesive balance

tesa® 4338 Green sticks when needed, as long as needed, and removes without residue… comes off clean as a whistle, like it was never even there… like magic!!


5. Repositioning capability

tesa® 4338 Green is repositionable. Did you put it in the wrong place the first time around? No sweat. Pull it up and move it. It still sticks well without leaving any marks.


6. UV resistance

tesa® 4338 Green is an all-weather tape with UV resistance up to 7 days. Performs well, no matter the conditions.


7. Versatility

tesa® 4338 Green does the job of many different tapes. This simplifies your purchasing and inventory and makes life easier for operators who only have to reach for one tape.


8. Multiple drying cycles

tesa® 4338 Green is sturdy enough to take several coats and holds up strong through drying cycle, after drying cycle, after drying cycle … No re-masking needed!


9. Clean, thin paint edges

tesa® 4338 Green isn’t as thick as other tapes, so you get a fine, clean paint edge every time.


10. Superior peel adhesion

tesa® 4338 Green provides secure bonding that doesn’t allow any bleed through, ever.

Now, if we had to pick one quality of tesa® 4338 Green that truly puts it on the next level? Aside from being bright and green (which is incredibly cool), tesa® 4338 Green is completely operator friendly. And happy workers are good for business.

Your operators will thank you for choosing tesa® 4338 Green and tossing all the others.

By the way, tesa® 4338 Green also works great for:


Specialty vehicles

Besides the marine industry, tesa® 4338 Green also takes care of paint applications, including trailers, RVs, busses, trucks, and trains. No need to worry about sloppy trim lines in the production process ever again!


Any painting application that requires oven drying

tesa® 4338 Green can withstand up to 6 (!!!) 40-minute drying cycles at up to 250°F, and it still demasks with clear lines and no residue.


Car and home window installations

It’s taped in while silicone sets in, and because of its UV resistance, removability is still clean. Time and time again.


Box marking

For audio/video companies setting up equipment and needing to mark boxes so you know what goes where (or really anyone who deals with boxes … yes, looking at you who just checked your order status on Amazon), the bright green visibility of tesa® 4338 Green makes it a go-to solution!


DIY projects

Use it for wall applications, for wood planks that are put up with foam tape to help planks cure, and for other DIY projects where you need a strong adhesive that leaves clean lines.


Learn more how tesa® 4338 Green keeps your production lines sailing here and claim your free sample today.