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Sustainability at tesa

Corrie Neukirchner· July 30, 2020

At tesa, sustainability and environmental issues aren’t new to us. They are part of how we think. How we design our products. How we are always working to improve -- not just for ourselves, but for our customers and for the planet.

After all, we operate around the world and have a big responsibility to act responsibly. Plus, we’re a company of engineers who love to solve problems. However, we cannot do it all. We focus on four key areas where we can make a difference today and for the future:


- Reducing carbon emissions
- Using resources efficiently
- Protecting and conserving water
- Creating products for more sustainable manufacturing


Reducing Carbon Emissions

Energy is our primary source of environmental impact. We produce tapes and other sticky solutions on equipment in factories and plants that need power. Cutting back on energy consumption automatically translates into a smaller carbon footprint.


How are we doing it? We’ve installed environmental management systems at all our facilities. Seven of them, as well as our headquarters in Norderstedt, Germany, have systems that are ISO 14001 certified. Our standards were higher for the two plants with the greatest levels of emissions. They were equipped with ISO 50001-certified energy management systems.


Putting these systems in place allowed us to reduce carbon emissions per ton by 1.8 percent points in 2019 compared to 2018. (We use the market-based method that takes into account electricity from renewables.)


As a result, we’re on track to reach the goal we set in 2015 of lowering overall emissions by 10 percent by the end of 2020.


Efficient Use of Resources

Efficiency is important to everything we do. From product conception and development to final production, we are always looking for ways to do – and make -- more with less. Wherever and whenever possible, we use renewable and recycled materials. And we aim to follow environmentally friendly practices in our manufacturing and disposal processes.


Protecting and Conserving Water

As an international chemical company, we take water seriously. We work first to protect our sources from contamination and to conserve water.


Two production facilities and our headquarters in Germany together account for more than 75 percent of our global water consumption. At these three sites, we’ve installed technology that helps us use water more efficiently. Our cooling systems require a lot of water, yet that water can be continuously recycled and reused multiple times, eliminating waste.


Products for Sustainable Manufacturing

As we’ve been making our own operations more environmentally friendly, we’re supporting our industrial customers’ goals, too. Our innovative products, applications and solutions help them manufacture more efficiently, so they save energy (and money), reduce waste and lower their own carbon emissions. And we continue to partner with customers to create sustainable products and processes. It’s a win-win.


You’ll find more about tesa’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in our sustainability report found here.