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tesa® HiP – The Go-To Tape for the Transportation Industry

Claudia Ramirez· September 30, 2020



Thermoplastics and transportation manufacturing are like nuts and bolts. These days, you can’t have one without the other, especially when it comes to interior design.


But they don’t come without challenges – one of the biggest is the bonding of different and thin plastics, of course, as we’re sure you know.


The Trouble With Thermoplastics

Plastics aren’t known for loving to attach to other materials. In fact, they’re finicky and more than a little whiny. And with so much surface energy, they demand a ton of attention….


They simply don’t play nice with other composite materials. And that means a lot of time and effort goes into the bonding process.


The surface has to be clean. The production process has to include getting rid of any surface oils and dust… and that’s all before applying some form of pretreatment.


So once again the tape nerds on the research and development team at tesa have put their heads together to come up with a solution to this troubling transportation industry challenge.


Thermoplastics aren’t going away any time soon. After all, they’re incredibly useful for designing lighter, more fuel-efficient recreational and other vehicles. And they open fascinating new design possibilities.


So what’s the solution?


The Tape for the Transportation Industry

We’ll be frank with you. You need a tape that can straight up handle different plastics. That can hold on tight even under intense pressure. And that won’t require crazy cleaning and priming and prepping the surface first.


In short, you need a strong bond that’s not high maintenance. And we have a suggestion for you… but of course, you knew that already, didn’t you?


May we suggest tesa® HiP (High initial Performance)? It’s the transportation industry’s tape without the trouble.


We’re not kidding!


Here’s what this high performing adhesive does… and all without thinking twice!


It optimizes the production process

With tesa® HiP, the transportation manufacturing process doesn’t have to include cleaning and prepping the plastic surfaces because the tape does the heavy lifting all on its own. It’s strong and sticky enough to attach within seconds… without all the extra prep. And that adds up to a more efficient, optimized production process. Whether you’re building RVs, trailers, or other vehicles, your team will save time and energy!


 Immediate Bonding


It creates strong bonds that withstand intense pressure

Around here, we like to say tesa® HiP is “fantastic on plastic!” Why? Because it’s two times stronger than plastic! Yes, you heard that right. In one of our many test runs, the Polypropylene (PP) t-blocks we’d bonded actually broke, but the tesa® HiP? You got it! It stayed completely intact. It is, after all, fantastic (and strong!) on plastic.


 2x Stronger Than Plastic


It’s so flexible it can bond in all directions

Modern designs with lighter and thinner materials in RVs and trailers challenge old ways of manufacturing. Bonding processes of the past are rigid and limiting. tesa® HiP… not so much! It’s flexible without losing strength. Got a joint in an unusual direction? Not a problem!


 Think Outside the Box


It comes with a significant cost advantage

We wouldn’t do this tape justice if we didn’t talk about its cost advantage. It optimizes production to make transportation manufacturing leaner and more efficient. There’s also no need to invest in expensive machinery. No hefty scrap rates. And no reason to open an extra warehouse for storage. All these contribute to leaner efficiency. And that… equals a leaner budget. It’s that simple.


 Less Costs



Still wondering if tesa® HiP is right for your transportation manufacturing facility? Reach out and let one of our tape nerds help you sort through all the options for your production needs and bring a sample for you to try out yourself. 


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